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SAFETY, TRUST, INTEGRITY, REPUTATION   These are not just words, but part of our culture here.   Our mission is to strive and insist that these values are at our core and we demonstrate them every day in our actions. 

SAFETY is embedded in every aspect of our lives, at work and home, and our goal is to ensure that we maintain the highest safety standards in the transportation industry to protect our teammates, affiliated workers, the community we live and work in, and our customers. We achieve this through stringent education practices, weekly safety and training meetings, stop work practices, enforcement of DOT regulations, and consideration and implementation of our customer’s safety policies.

We truly believe that TRUST is earned not given.  Our mission is to form strong, loyal relationships with our customers and teammates.  We listen to their needs, maintain our commitments and treat them as part of our team. This is best demonstrated by those who chose to partner with us and is a vote of confidence for those considering becoming a partner or teammate.

Our mission to instill INTEGRITY in what we do comes from our company policy, “Do the right thing”.  Many times that is not easy to do, but it means that we have a vision and understanding of the impact of our decisions and are willing to stand behind them no matter the consequences.

All other things in place and the REPUTATION we strive to have in the industry, with our teammates, in our community, and with our partners, simply follows.   This is best demonstrated by our solid safety rating, industry leading companies that chose to partner with us, and continued business growth.




A1E Group Energy Transport Division transports an array of products that require an extremely cautious approach of handling products such as: Crude oil, Condensate, Lube oils, Specialized oils, Chemicals and Caustics.


With our top of the line new equipment and hand-picked drivers that deliver in the safest and most efficient manner, combined with our exceptional customer service team that go above and beyond to ensure our customers’ satisfaction, A1E Group is the right choice when selecting a carrier to deliver your product Safely.


A1E Group Energy Transport Division takes great pride in the reputation we have built and maintained with our customers and the communities in which we work.