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With our inventory of specialized aggregate hauling equipment including, Tri-axles, Super dumps, Tandems, End dumps and Walking floors, A1E Group has the capability to haul the materials you need for almost any project. 

The transportation of large, heavy and bulky equipment or materials requires specialized equipment to move it where you need it. In most cases, special permits and licenses are also required.  In every case, the planning is critical.   At A1E Group, our logistics team has more than 50 years experience in over-sized, over-dimensional freight.  A1E Group’s logistic team is certified in handling all aspects of the transportation process of your equipment, from pickup to transport to delivery.



With our proven track record of supplying trucks for hauling aggregates and road building materials along with the transportation of equipment for commercial developers and major construction and demolition projects throughout the U.S., there is no project too big or too small – A1E Group can handle it for you.

A1E Group Material Hauling Services:

  • Construction projects
  • Demolition projects
  • Excavation projects
  • Land development
  • Equipment transport

A1E Group construction/demolition involvement:

  • Stadiums
  • Hospitals
  • Roads/Highways

A1E Group Logistics:

  • Heavy haul
  • Over-sized, over-dimensional heavy loads
  • Hazmat loads

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